SCSA Announcement: Breastfeeding Initiative takes flight

On Mandela Day 2017, SCSA initiated a breastmilk donation campaign that inspired 67 mums in Limpopo to donate breastmilk to the Mankweng Breastmilk Bank.

Over the last two weeks, SCSA has been mobilizing mothers in Polokwane communities to express their life-sustaining milk that will be used to feed premature and sick babies at local hospitals.

“Mother’s milk is like white gold. It is precious and vital to a baby’s wellbeing. For some babies whose mothers cannot provide breastmilk the breastmilk donated by our breastfeeding support group could save their lives. This donated breastmilk is crucial to the survival of orphaned, sick and pre-term babies.”
~ Pumla Dlamini (SCSA’s Health Project Manager)

The aim of the campaign is to generate 67 litres of breastmilk and hand this over to the Mankweng Breastmilk Bank in Limpopo bank next week during World Breastfeeding Week (1 – 7 August).

On 3 August 2017, 67 mums will express breastmilk for 67 minutes. This event will be covered by SABC2.

“Donating Breastmilk like donating blood saves babies lives” Pumla Dlamini.

Watch Pumla Dlamini talk about this campaign on Workplace:



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